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as your request, Fireman!derek rescuing stiles….
sorry i hadn’t draw that derek rescuing stiles from the tree,i twist a little bit and try to make it more dramatic..i hope..?
I’ve no idea about fireman uniform…and…I think Derek need a helmet indeed…
and you should NOT rescuing people in the fire if you have not enough equipment!!


烈火雄心!!放心最後一定是BBQ ENDING!


Phantom Of The Opera AU

Stiles’ entire being trembled with fright. How did such a beautiful creature turn so horrid and mad in a matter of seconds? The Phantom’s face was burned and distorted, undoubtedly grotesque, but the terror that gripped his heart was caused by The Phantom’s anger, the wildness of a savage animal that he, for a moment, had become.

"I’m sorry," a whisper quiet apology.

The Phantom froze, his back to Stiles, hands stretched out in an aborted move to grab the mask. It was silent, save for the gurgling water and Stiles thought the Phantom would never speak again. The prospect of never hearing his Angel Of Music seized at his throat. Stiles said it again, louder.

"I don’t need your pity," came a reply, gravely and low.

"I do not pity you," he said and then repeated, this time more heatedly. "I don’t."


"Everyone has agood side and everyone has a bad one, only you have them both on the surface." Stiles had leaned over and pressed his lips against the left and then, the right side of The Phantom’s face. Both kisses, feathery light and equal in measure were so warm, it sent shivers down The Phantom’s spine. He closed his eyes, half believing this was a dream and half praying it wasn’t.

"But you have been given a gift, Angel of Music, and you had shared it with me when I’ve given you nothing in return. You shine so brightly I cannot see your poor face. And I can’t bring myself to hate it."

When the Phantom finally opened his eyes, they shone with tears.


#scott inviting derek over for game night#derek gradually relaxing until hes slouching on the couch which causes his shirt to rise up#stiles meanwhile cant focus#cause look at that#LOOK AT THAAAAAAT#HOW’S A MAN TO FOCUS WHEN THERE’S THAT IN FRONT OF HIM#wait a God damn minuet#WHO THE FUCK THREW THE BLEW SHELL#Isaac you’re a dead wolf#DEAD#Derrek meanwhile#nyooms after Scott’s Princess Peach#and wonders if stiles even remembers that he (derek) can smell his (stiles’) arousal (via candypinkcocks)

character birthdays according to the teen wolf calendar

finished Arrow and can go back to reading sterek fics all day long *g*


Sterek Week || Friday: Sterek AU

Derek Hale as 007 and Stiles Stilinski as his Quartermaster short Q

I hope I'm not too late for prompts ! How about cashier Stiles, crushing and trying to understand the hot guy that keeps buying weird shit ? :D


At first when Stiles took the job, it was mostly out of desperation.

He was working his way through college, and eating ramen for every meal was getting old. His dad was already in dire financial straits himself, so he didn’t want to ask him for more money. With his class schedule, though, the only job he could find that would pay well for the limited number of hours he could work was the late-night shift at the nearby 24-hour convenient store.

His town was pretty boring, and the crime rate (he knows because his dad looked it up) was inordinately low for a college town. He’d been warned with all these horror stories by his friends (uh he sure as hell wasn’t telling his dad about this job) about how he could get robbed and held at gunpoint or shot because everyone knows that’s what happens to convenient store clerks late at night. But Stiles wasn’t worried.

That is until the same man (albeit incredibly hot, with scruff and captivating blue/green eyes) kept coming in and leaving with some pretty odd items.

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my own private sort of Stiles :} 


Oh Stiles, don’t you know? You should let the ink dry before letting your guard down.


and he loves it (especially in his wolf form), but pretends he doesn’t

but Derek’s wolf form always betrays him, because his tail starts wagging and as a human he probably starts purring when they pet him uwu

One of my favorite things is people petting Derek’s hair (◡‿◡✿)