Teen Wolf AU - Office! Verse: In which Derek and Stiles work in the same office.

"Sure. You can thank me later when you don’t get fired for not getting any work done because you chose to come into work with so much residual alcohol in your system that you couldn’t walk straight."

"You know, just for that comment if I feel the need to puke, I’m totally gonna grab your bin to be sick in it."

"Lovely. Now get to work or go home. Why didn’t you call in sick in the first place?"

"…because I wanted to see your stupid face, asshat!"

O, take me back to when  t i m e  was ours, and smiles fit our lips so carelessly.

wolf playing in the snow

my heart’s aflame, my body’s strained
but god, I like it


me: *points at adult character who is taller, stronger and older than me* small child. must protect at all costs. shelter. very tiny


Last request I’m posting before the episode (cross our fingers we don’t die). A lot of people wanted Stiles and Derek at Halloween, and well, of course Stiles would insist they’d switch roles for a day, heaven knows he’d go all out with the fake fur and ears.


color meme #one - alpha!derek in the icerink / brown


there is so much unnecessary heterosexuality on tv

Hola, sí, pasaba a decirte que tu fanart de sterek de jóvenes es GENIAL Y ADORABLE.