Teen Wolf - STEREK AU - model!Stiles

It’s a well-known fact that if you want to make it in the fashion world, a photoshoot with an absolutely brilliant, but eccentric photographer Derek Hale is the way to do it. Rookie model Stiles Stilinski knows this is his chance.
“Dude, chill. I’m not trying to get into your pants. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s just coffee.”
That’s what Stiles says
after the shoot to the ever-so-grumpy Derek Hale. Who has been staring at him the entire time in a way that could mean that Derek either wants to murder Stiles (in a literal way) or eat him (in a not-so literal way).
When Derek finally agrees to coffee (with a short “you pay” and Stiles is totally ok with it), Stiles hopes the events of the evening will lead them both to the second option.
The nonliteral one.
It’s not like Derek hadn’t worked with hot models before.
It’s not like Stiles is a hot model.
He’s got a ridiculous buzz cut and limbs that are too long and he’s also the most natural model Derek has seen in ages. He chatters incessantly and strikes bizarre poses one minute and the next he smiles tentatively at Derek like he doesn’t even realize how sexy he is and it makes Derek want to just throw his camera aside and pin the guy to the nearest wall.
So when Stiles offers him coffee, he can’t say no.
For various reasons.


Here’s a promised recap about the con (plus the Sterek “ban” events and more info about it). It was an amazing and super cozy con. For me, it was the best one since Wolfsbane 1 and rumours say, the cast absolutely loved it as well!

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My first Teen Wolf fanart… and yeah it’s a sterek one… > v <

btw, I can’t draw a wolfs head and.. this is so messy DX

maybe I’ll get back and work on this more.. another day..


best Allydia AU or worst accidental age-regression spell: you decide! 


"Derek is enough."

"Am I dreaming?"

"Just drunk."

"Mh, nice drunk.”

Sterek AU: Stiles thinks he might have fallen asleep or had a bit too much to drink (it’s totally Scott’s fault because he didn’t come to watch over him) and now there is a naked Derek in front of him. But Derek was just on a run in his wolf form until the scent of StilesStilesStiles hit him.


Give Your Lone Wolf a Hug

colored and finished ver of this , 

me pulling out old things to edit bc i dont know how to art anything but desperately need some comforting sterek hugs ;ㅅ;


alpha powers are cool ~♫


Commissioned this perfect Sterek Coffee Shop AU piece (partially inspired by this fic) from the lovely aeroplaneblues! I completely adore it <3



teen wolf: ” … the fans read too much into the details,”

*has 5 person meeting about a leather jacket*


Jeff Davis: We were just hoping that you wouldn’t notice Malia’s complete lack of character development and the fact that she goes from child to coyote to high school student taking the PSATs and sharing a math class with supposed genius Lydia.

Show: What do you mean the props said that Malia was 13? Shhhhh. Shhhh. Stop zooming in on things, you overthinkers. Here, have more slow mo and maybe another ten villains. Shhhhhhh. Flashy blood spray. Wasn’t that neat?

Show: Nah we wanted Lydia in a relationship with the hot new deputy so she’s 18 now even though she’s a genius, a junior in high school (?), and we made a huge deal about Allison feeling weird about turning 17 and being so much older than everyone else in her class. BUT ISN’T MARRISH ADORABLE???

Show: Oh my god stop freaking out about Eichen House and its irresponsible, disgusting portrayal of issues like mental health and suicide, this is a show about werewolves it’s not meant to be realistic.

Show: We LOVE gay people! Here’s a joke about not being gay! Here’s an entire scene set up to dismiss and make fun of the idea that Stiles might be bi! Danny’s a fan favorite? First we’ll joke about killing him off, then he’ll just disappear from the show completely without ever being mentioned again. But loook we gave you a new gay character who can hang out in the background and make occasional snarky comments and be best friends with the new pretty white boy. Why aren’t you happy?

Show: This season’s going to be about girl power. Lydia, Malia, and Kira are going to be BEST FRIENDS. They’re going to be badass and bond with each other. HAHAHA no just kidding it’s more fun when they hook up with guys and don’t experience character development on their own. Hang on, calm down, Lydia will get there, we just had to age her up first, remember? Don’t you want her to be happy? (Hint: that’s only possible with a man in her life.)

SHOW: Hmmm, you liked Braeden when she was the mysterious, possible druid who saved Isaac’s life? Okay, we’ll bring her back. We’ll give her weapons and some leather and make her extra badass and cool. And theeeen since you responded to that glimpse, we’ll strip her down to her underwear and have her spend all her time in bed with Derek instead of doing her job or having any real relevance to the action. Also, those powers that allowed her to brand the bank’s logo onto Allison’s and Lydia’s arms? Ummm….we forgot about that? Sorry.

Jeff Davis: But wait, does Kira look sexier in the jacket or out of the jacket when she’s making out with The Teen Wolf? Let’s talk about this and also take some photographs talking about it so we can look thoughtful and attentive to detail.



Can we talk about how nicely Dylan fits under Hoechlin’s arm?! Cause I think we should talk about it.

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