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Accept, embrace and only then blame the wolf.


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Stiles doesn’t sleep much anymore.

Not after the nogitsune, not after twisting a knife into Scott’s body (not you, not you, not you), not after Allison’s death. Truthfully, the nightmares stopped within two weeks after it all happened.

Because Stiles doesn’t sleep much anymore.


"You look like hell."

Stiles just huffs out a breath, twisting his fingers together as he focuses on keeping his leg still. He’s exhausted, he thinks - doesn’t really remember what that even feels like anymore - but his body’s thrumming with too many pills, too much caffeine, too little rest.

"We can’t all be pretty at all hours like you, Hale."

Derek rolls his eyes, handing Stiles a bottle of water before he sits on the couch next to him. “Shut the fuck up. When was the last time you slept?”

"This morning," Stiles answers. He can see the way Derek tilts his head and continues, "I’m not fucking lying, Derek. Stop listening for a blip."

"How long did you sleep, then?"

Stiles swallows. “Twenty minutes. Maybe. I don’t know, shut up. Gimme the controller.”


Derek spends most of his evenings at Stiles’s house. They hang out, play video games, order takeout, watch baseball games.

Derek only comes over, though, when John’s at work. Stiles knows Derek’s essentially acting as a babysitter because his dad’s worried as hell about him. And he knows what his dad sees. Stiles sees it, too.

The bags under his eyes and the pallor of his skin are entirely reminiscent of the nogitsune two months before.


Stiles doesn’t sleep much anymore.

He stops looking at his own reflection.


"How much sleep do you think you’ve gotten in the past week?"

Stiles shrugs a shoulder, pushing at the noodles on his plate. “I don’t know. Three hours, maybe. I sleep, just….”

"You don’t stay asleep," Derek surmises.

Stiles shakes his head, closes his eyes when the movement makes him dizzy.

Derek’s voice is softer when he asks, “Do you have nightmares?”

"No," Stiles replies, a humorless smile tugging his dry lips upwards. "Never asleep long enough to have them."

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Pain is a warning that something’s wrong

The Power of Goodbye - Madonna


For Amanda, as a belated birthday present. 

(this was supposed to be crack but then turned into 3k words of feels and fluff. i hope you like it anyway)

“So, I’m a fox now,” Stiles says blandly and blinks at his friends, unimpressed. “Not even a demon fox this time; you’re telling me that I am literally now a fox. Fur coat, tail and all.”

No one looks all that worried about it, though. Isaac’s doing a really poor job of concealing outright laughter.

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Teen Wolf AU- Where there is any sign of danger even in the form of a harmless interviewer, Derek never lets Stiles out of his eye-sight. It’s an alpha thing. Deal with it. And as for Stiles, well he doesn’t seem to mind- much. 


best line: a jealous sourwolf appears :)

Happy 17th Birthday Maisie Williams! (04.15.1997)

stiles + oral fixation



Teen Wolf Resources Masterpost
(a.k.a. “I want to make Teen Wolf edits”)

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